Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS


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MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, SQLite and Oracle Object Relational Mapper (ORM) for node.


sequelize-oracle is a fork of sequelize@1.7.0
this fork add support of DML statements for Oracle
If you don't need Oracle support, prefer the original Sequelize

Test passed on Oracle 11G XE:

  • configuration.test.js: 100%
  • data-types.test.js: 100%
  • language.test.js: 100%
  • query-chainer.test.js: 100%
  • sequelize.test.js: All except Transaction
  • transaction-manager.test.js: 100%
  • utils.test.js: 100%
  • dao/values.test.js: 100%
  • emitters/custom-event-emitter.test.js: 100%

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