Simple **select** for React Native Applications.


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React Native Select List

Simple select for React Native Applications.

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npm i react-native-select-list --save-dev


import { Select, Option } from 'react-native-select-list';

  <Option value={1}>List item 1</Option>
  <Option value={2}>List item 2</Option>
  <Option value={3}>List item 3</Option>

Select properties

Prop Type Default Description
onSelect Function null This function is invoked when some option is selected.
padding number 10 Horizontal padding for select box. Text is always centered vertially.
zIndex number 999 It is used to pop the select above all other elements.
selectStyle Object null Set custom style to your select.
selectTextStyle Object null Set custom style to your select box text.
caret string or React element null You can set default caret with setting this property to 'down' or 'up'. If you want to set some custom image or view you can set an element to the caret property. Explicitly set width and height to caret element if you are using an Image element.
caretSize number 15 Customize caret size. It is used only when caret is set to 'down' or 'up'.
caretColor string '#333333' Customize caret color. It is used only when caret is set to 'down' or 'up'.
listHeight number 100 The maximum list height.
listPosition string 'down' Change position of dropdown list. You can set it 'up', so it will shows above the select. If dropdown cannot fit the screen size it will expand to the oposite direction.
listStyle Object null Styles for dropdown list.

Option properties

Prop Type Default Description
optionStyle Object null Set custom style to Option element.
optionTextStyle Object null Set custom style to Option text.
last boolean false Add it to last element so it will not have bottom border.

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