react-load-script enables you to easily create components which depend on third party JS scripts


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This package simplifies loading of 3rd party scripts in your React applications.


There are situations when you need to use a 3rd party JS library in your React application (jQuery, D3.js for rendering charts, etc.) but you don't need it everywhere and/or you want to use it only in a response to users actions. In cases like this, preloading the whole library when application starts is an unnecessary and expensive operation which could possibly slow down your application.

Using the Script component this package provides you with, you can easily load any 3rd party scripts your applications needs directly in a relevant component and show a placeholder while the script is loading (e.g. a loading animation). As soon as the script is fully loaded, a callback function you'll have passed to Script is called (see example below).

Supported React versions

This package requires React 0.14.9 and higher.


The package exports a single component with the following props:


Called as soon as the script tag is created.

onError (required)

Called in case of an error with the script.

onLoad (required)

Called when the requested script is fully loaded.

url (required)

URL pointing to the script you want to load.


An object used to define custom attributes to be set on the script element. For example, attributes={{ id: 'someId', 'data-custom: 'value' }} will result in <script id="someId" data-custom="value" />


You can use the following code to load jQuery in your app:

import Script from 'react-load-script'


render() {
  return (


handleScriptCreate() {
  this.setState({ scriptLoaded: false })

handleScriptError() {
  this.setState({ scriptError: true })

handleScriptLoad() {
  this.setState({ scriptLoaded: true })


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