a viewer component that displays JSON schemas (built using [material-ui](


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a viewer component that displays JSON schemas (built using material-ui)


  • @material-ui/core v4+
  • react 16.8+
  • react-dom 16.8+


Install package

npm i material-ui-json-schema-viewer

Import package and use component

import SchemaViewer from 'material-ui-json-schema-viewer';

<SchemaViewer schema={jsonSchema} references={schemaReferences} />

(Named import, import { SchemaViewer } from .., is also supported)

Prop Type Required Description
schema Object A JSON schema object.
references Array - An array of JSON schema objects (including the schema to render), which the schema may refer to. (each schema within the references must include an $id property to use for key-value mapping the references)

Theme Customization

By default, the schema viewer inherits material-ui's default theme. You can change the theme by customizing the theme passed to material-ui's ThemeProvider component. You may also use material-ui's CSSBaseline to provide a more consistent style baseline as well.

const customTheme = createMuiTheme({
    palette: {
      background: {
        paper: '#000', // change the background color
      text: {
        primary: '#ffc107', // change the text color
        secondary: '#ffc53d', // change chip's border color
        hint: '#ddd', // change comment color
        disabled: '#808080', // change markdown code block color
      divider: '#4f4f4f', // change table's border color
<CssBaseline />
<ThemeProvider theme={customTheme}>
    <SchemaViewer />


This repository uses Neutrino for developing, and building React components. To get started:

  • Fork and clone this repo.
  • Install the dependencies with yarn.
  • Start the storybook server with yarn start (use CTRL-C to exit).

Feel free to open an issue, submit a pull request, or contribute however you would like. Understand that this documentation is still a work in progress, so file an issue or submit a PR to ask questions or make improvements. Thanks!


  1. Bump the version of the package with npm version {version-name} (patch, minor, major, etc.).
  2. Generate the compiled component for publishing to npm with yarn build.
  3. Publish the package with npm publish
  4. Push your changes with git push upstream main --tags
  5. Deploy Storybook to gh-pages with yarn deploy

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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