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A little library of server utility functions Note: Version 1.3.0 was the last stable release, no changes shall be made aside from bug fixes until version 2. For new developments, please use version >1.3.1-alpha.0

Included utilities:

  1. ldb: Database Wrappers.

    • Db - Wrapper over pg-pool module.
  2. cipher: Some crypto functions.

    • encrypt
    • decrypt
    • hashText
    • generateSalt
    • generateKey
    • randomBytes
  3. mailer: Mailing Classes.

    • Email - Send emails using nodemailer
  4. lfs: Litlib File Systems

    • S3
  5. utils: Some other utility functions:

    • manageLogs
    • ServerError
    • snakeToCamelCase
    • camelToSnakeCase
    • wrapAsync

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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