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klor is a simple syntax highlighting tool. It exports the following function:

parse lines, ext

  • lines: array of strings
  • ext: file type
    • coffee js ts
    • styl css sass
    • pug html svg
    • bash fish sh
    • cpp hpp c h
    • noon json
    • md plist

returns an array of objects:

    ext:    string              
    chars:  number              
    index:  number              
    number: index+1 
    chunks: [
                match:  string  # without whitespace characters
                clss:   string  # value of match
                turd:   string  # following punctuation characters
                start:  number  # character index of match in line
                length: number  # length of match

See kolor.map for a list of recognized chunk values.

🌈 kolor

kolor is a submodule which exports a bunch of functions for wrapping strings in 256 color ansi codes.

It's a merge of colorette and ansi-256-colors

  • [r g b c m y w][1..8] foreground colors
  • [R G B C M Y W][1..8] background colors
klor = require 'klor'
klor.kolor.globalize() # hoist color functions into the global scope
log y8 'bright yellow' + R1 'on dark red'

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