CLI server utility for JSON-Schema-faker


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JSON-Schema Server

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Install json-schema-server globally:

$ npm install -g json-schema-server

Then starts a server for your JSON-Schema files:

$ json-schema-server [dir] -p 5000

Now you can make requests through the created server:

$ http http://localhost:5000/path/to/schema

The better if you're using httpie. :beers:


  • --fakeroot → BaseURI for references that will fake (default: http://json-schema.org).
  • --formats → CommonJS module-id or path for custom formats.
  • --silent → Turns off the reporting through the STDOUT.
  • --port → Custom port for the server (default: 3000).

If no dir is provided process.cwd() will be used instead.

Run json-schema-server -h to display all usage info

Try fake-schema-cli if you want single-shot calls.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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