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i18next: learn once - translate everywhere Tweet

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i18next is a very popular internationalization framework for browser or any other javascript environment (eg. Node.js, Deno).


i18next provides:

For more information visit the website:

Our focus is providing the core to building a booming ecosystem. Independent of the building blocks you choose, be it react, angular or even good old jquery proper translation capabilities are just one step away.


The general i18next documentation is published on www.i18next.com and PR changes can be supplied here.

The react specific documentation is published on react.i18next.com and PR changes can be supplied here.

Gold Sponsors

From the creators of i18next: localization as a service - locize.com

A translation management system built around the i18next ecosystem - locize.com.


With using locize you directly support the future of i18next.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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