A simple and powerful React animation library


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Framer Motion

Framer Motion

An open source and production-ready motion
library for React on the web.

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Framer Motion is an open source, production-ready library that's designed for all creative developers.

It looks like this:

<motion.div animate={{ x: 0 }} />

It does all this:

  • Springs
  • Keyframes
  • Layout animations
  • Shared layout animations
  • Gestures (drag/tap/hover)
  • SVG paths
  • Exit animations
  • Server-side rendering
  • Orchestrate animations across components
  • CSS variables

...and a whole lot more.

Get started

🐇 Quick start

npm install framer-motion
import { motion } from "framer-motion"

export const MyComponent = ({ isVisible }) => (
    <motion.div animate={{ opacity: isVisible ? 1 : 0 }} />

📚 Docs

Check out our documentation for guides and a full API reference.

Or checkout our examples for inspiration.

🛠 Contribute

Want to contribute to Framer Motion? Our contributing guide has you covered.

👩🏻‍⚖️ License

Framer Motion is MIT licensed.


Get on the same page as your designers before production. Get started with design and prototyping in Framer.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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