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Ever wanted to write a node script that just downloads a file synchronously? I'm sure you sometimes wish you worked on PHP and just used file_get_contents('url'). Yeah it's going to be slow, yeah it won't scale, but that doesn't matter for your little script.

How to use?

npm install download-file-sync --save
var downloadFileSync = require('download-file-sync');
var content = downloadFileSync('');
// '<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"...'

That's it, now you can get back to writing awesome prototypes ;)

How does it work

Here's the full implementation:

module.exports = function(url) {
  return require('child_process')
    .execFileSync('curl', ['--silent', '-L', url], {encoding: 'utf8'});

As you can imagine, this is not web scale, but it works!

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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