Bubble Engine allows you to easily and quickly create bots based on the discord.js library.


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Bubble engine

This package allows you to easily and quickly create bots based on the discord.js library.

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  • Automatic import of commands from a specified folder
  • Command wizard via terminal
  • Transparent and reliable error return system
  • Simple configuration with an .env file
  • Fast support in case of problems
  • Frequent updates


$ npm i bubble-engine


The basic way to use a package in the main bot file.

const Bubble = require("bubble-engine")

After using Bubble.connect("TOKEN"), the package will automatically search the /commands folder for commands. Any file in this folder ending in .js will be taken as a command. Here is an example command:

module.exports = {
    name: 'ping', // command name; after typing ex. /ping the command will be run
    description: 'Ping!', // command description, displayed under name
    global: true, // determines whether the command is global or only to the test server
    commandOptions: null, // arguments to include in the command
    execute(interaction) {
        client.api.interactions(interaction.id, interaction.token).callback.post({data: {
            type: 4,
            data: {
                    content: `:ping_pong: Pong: ${client.ws.ping}ms!` // Send a reply to the user


Replace TOKEN value in Bubble.connect("TOKEN") with your bot token. Example: Bubble.connect("123456789")

Ready! After this simple setup you can use the Bubble Engine. Happy coding ⌨

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