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We removed CSS Grid!

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Baukasten Grid

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Oh wait, another grid system? Yes! And there are a lot classes they are coming with this grid.

Utility First Grid

Install Baukasten Grid

// Nostalgic
npm i baukasten-grid

// Hipster
yarn add baukasten-grid

Basic usage

Open your main CSS file and this

// Nostalgic
@import '../../../node_modules/baukasten-grid/scss/baukasten-grid';

// Hipster (Webpack)
@import '~baukasten-grid/scss/baukasten-grid';

Advanced usage

Your project is so special? No problem! You can overwrite the default settings map with your own settings. Add this to your main CSS file before you import baukasten-grid

// First: you have to add the Map
$bk-grid-settings-custom: (
  // Units are for Paddings and Margins. All Paddings an Margins are Fluid.
  // That means that on the smallest breakpoint the Padding on each col side
  // is: gutter * gutter-min-factor (8px * 1) and on the biggest breakpoint it
  // is: gutter * gutter-max-factor (8px * 2)
  // For Margins top it is the same with the Vertical factors.
  units: (
    gutter: 8px,
    gutter-min-factor: 1,
    gutter-max-factor: 2,
    gutter-min-vertical-factor: 1,
    gutter-max-vertical-factor: 2

  // Breakpoints must have at least a "min" and a "max". The other Breakpoints as u like
  // We use all the time "min-width".
  // Cols are how many cols can have a row on that specific breakpoint.
  breakpoints: (
    min: (from: 320px, cols: 6, create-classes: true),
    s: (from: 600px, cols: 12, create-classes: true),
    m: (from: 800px, cols: 12, create-classes: true),
    l: (from: 1200px, cols: 24, create-classes: true),
    max: (from: 1600px, cols: 24, create-classes: true)

Include Media Support

We love to use the Include Media Mixin and we support it. How? Simple, we map the breakpoints from our settings to the $breakpoints map. Just do that in your app.scss:

// Imports
// Important to include "Include Media" at this point
// Cause we set the map our Breakpoints to their map $breakpoints
@import '~include-media/dist/include-media';

// Settings
$bk-grid-settings-custom: (
  your settings

// Include the grid
@import '~baukasten-grid/scss/baukasten-grid';

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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