Babel reader plugin for BaseT project.


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BaseT Babel plugin

Babel reader plugin for BaseT project.

Installation and usage


npm install --save-dev baset-reader-babel

and adding next line to baset.plugins section in your package.json or plugins section in your .basetrc/.basetrc.json:

".spec.jsx?$": ["baset-reader-babel", "baset-baseliner-json"]

You may also specify additional options for this plugin under baset.options section in your package.json or options section in your .basetrc/.basetrc.json:

"baset-reader-babel": {
    // by default this reader uses the same strategy for resolving configuration
    // as babel, but you may want to specify some additional settings only for tests
    // this options gives you such an opportunity
    "config": {
        // your additional configuration  for babel
    // by default any files inside node_modules are explicitly ignored
    // but in some cases you may want to transpile them as well,
    // in order to do so, just set this option to true
    "includeNodeModules": true

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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