An azure queue client for node.js which allows to consume jobs


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A simple to use client for azure queues. The module allows to listen on an azure queue and when a job comes into the queue it will be processed. The most important features are:

  • simple to listen a queue
  • simple to enqueue jobs
  • simple to delay jobs
  • prepared for job routing
  • support for wrapped xml from Azure Scheduler
  • listening on multiple queues supported


npm install azure-queue-client --save


// config with your settings
var qName               = '<<YOURQUEUENAME>>';
var qStorageAccount     = '<<YOURACCOUNTNAME>>';
var qStorageSecret      = '<<YOURACCOUNTSECRET>>';
var qPolling            = 2;

// load the module
var azureQueueClient = new require('azure-queue-client');

// create the listener
var queueListener = new azureQueueClient.AzureQueueListener();

// establish a message handler
queueListener.onMessage(function(message) {

    // log something
    console.log('Message received: ' + JSON.stringify(message));

    // job is finished without errors
    return queueListener.done();

// start the listening
queueListener.listen(qName, qStorageAccount, qStorageSecret, qPolling, null);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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