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azk-core has the main tools and frameworks to compose azk environment packages. It uses babel to transpile ES6/ES7 to ES5. To start new projects that follow azk standards, you can go with azk-projects-boilerplate


  • Q

    • Promises
  • lazy_require

    • require only when was used
  • isBlank

    • check if is
  • os

  • version

  • dlog

    • call console.log(utils.inspect) with a title
  • Dynamic

    • creates a simple object with a key to be used on config
  • _

    • lodash
  • envDefaultArray

  • envs

  • path

    • require('path')
  • fs

    • require('fs')
  • async

    • Q async class with steroids
  • defer

    • Q defer class with steroids
  • Log

    • Log Class
  • ConfigAzk

    • ConfigAzk Class
  • NetUtils

    • NetUtils Class
  • Utils

    • Utils class

npm dependencies

before start

$ npm install

test + lint (no watch)

$ gulp

test + lint + watch

$ gulp test

test + watch (no-lint)

$ gulp test-no-lint

publish a patch to npm

$ npm run-script patch

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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