Bundle endpoints as callable, reusable services


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Axios Actions

Bundle endpoints as callable, reusable services


Axios Actions comprises a small set of classes which collate URLs or URL request configs as callable actions.

First, define your endpoints:

const actions = {
  <action>: '<url>',
  <action>: '<config>',

Then, encapsulate them as one of the built-in services:

const service = new <ApiClass>(axios, actions)

Finally, call them:


This service-based approach:

  • removes brittle configuration from components and stores
  • encapsulates additional logic (such as load state and handlers) within the service
  • ensures application code stays simple and semantic
  • provides a dedicated layer for API interaction

There are lots of other goodies in the library which take the drudgery out of working with APIs!


Start reading:

Next steps



npm i -S axios-actions

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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