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This library helps you to write fixture tests: test-per-folder or test-per-file.


For example, you are testing code that process files (e.g. a compiler, config-reader, etc).

You put each test case inside its own folder:

+ fixtures
  + cases
    + empty
      - somefiles
    + basic-case
      - someOtherFiles
    + single-line
      - ...
    + ...

You can run each test case like this:

import ava from 'ava';
import fixture from 'ava-fixture';

// Point to the base folder which contain the fixtures.
// Use relative path starts from project root or absolute path
const ftest = fixture(ava, 'fixtures/cases', 'fixtures/baselines', 'fixtures/results');

ftest.each((t, d) => {
  // d.caseName: 'empty', 'basic-case', 'single-line', etc
  // d.casePath: absolute path points to each test case folder
  // d.resultPath: absolute path points to each test result folder

  // Your test target reads from `d.casePath` and writes to `d.resultPath`
  target.process(d.casePath, d.resultPath)

  // d.match() will compare the result folder against the baseline folder
  return d.match()

You can also use this library to run tests that only read files:

import ava from 'ava';
import fixture from 'ava-fixture';

// Point to the base folder which contain the fixtures.
// Relative path starts from project root.
const ftest = fixture(ava, 'fixture/cases');

ftest('test title', 'case-1', (t, d) => {
  // t is ava test assertion.
  t.is(d.casePath, 'absolut path the the case folder')

  const result = target.read(d.casePath)

  t.deepEqual(result, 'expected result')

// test title can be omitted
ftest('case-1', (t, d) => {
  // ...

// go through each test
ftest.each((t, d) => {
  // ...

// or run certain test based on filter
ftest.each(/some filter/, (t, d) => {
  // ...

Other API

import test from 'ava';
import fixture from 'ava-fixture';

const ftest = fixture(test, 'fixture/cases');


For before(), beforeEach(), after(), afterEach(), todo(), use ava directly.


# right after clone
npm install

# begin making changes
git checkout -b <branch>
npm run watch

# edit `webpack.config.es5.js` and `rollup.config.es2015.js` to exclude dependencies for the bundle if needed

# after making change(s)
git commit -m "<commit message>"
git push

# create PR

Npm Commands

There are a few useful commands you can use during development.

# Run tests (and lint) automatically whenever you save a file.
npm run watch

# Run tests with coverage stats (but won't fail you if coverage does not meet criteria)
npm run test

# Manually verify the project.
# This will be ran during 'npm preversion' so you normally don't need to run this yourself.
npm run verify

# Build the project.
# You normally don't need to do this.
npm run build

# Run tslint
# You normally don't need to do this as `npm run watch` and `npm version` will automatically run lint for you.
npm run lint

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