SpigotMC Rapid Development Framework


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SpigotMC Rapid Development Framework

  • Manage and build spigot versions.
  • Setup and run spigot servers.
  • Automatically update plugins during development.


You need to install NodeJS and NPM in order to install and use autospigot.

npm i -g autospigot



    "dir": ".",
    "version": "latest",
    "type": "spigot",
    "eula": false,
    "plugins": [
    "pluginManager": {
        "awaitWriteFinish": {
            "stabilityThreshold": 500,
            "pollInterval": 100
  • dir <string> - The working directory for the server relative to the directory of the configuration file. Default is the current directory.
  • version <string> - A valid spigot version like latest, 1.12.2 or 1.13. Default is "latest"
  • type <string> - The server type. This can be spigot or craftbukkit. Default is "spigot"
  • eula <boolean> - If true, autospigot will automatically accept the EULA when the server is started. Default is false
  • plugins <array> - An array of plugin filenames (relative to the directory of the configuration file) to watch for plugins.
    • The last part of the filename can be a glob pattern.
  • pluginManager <object> - The plugin manager configuration.
    • awaitWriteFinish <boolean> | <object> - Setting to true or an object will cause the file system watcher to wait until changes are written to disk. Default is false.
      • stabilityThreshold <number> - The number of milliseconds a file must stay unchanged before updating a plugin.
      • pollInterval <number> - The interval in milliseconds for checking the filesize for changes.


Start an autospigot server.
This will automatically install the required spigot or craftbukkit versions.

autospigot start [[--config ]config]
  • config is the path of the configuration file. Default is autospigot.json



Install a specific server version if not installed.

autospigot install [[--rev ]<rev>]

# Example:
autospigot install 1.13
autospigot install --rev 1.13


Update or install a specific server version.

autospigot update [[--rev ]<rev>]

# Example:
autospigot update 1.13
autospigot update --rev 1.13


Remove a specific server version if installed.

autospigot remove [[--rev ]<rev>]

# Example:
autospigot remove 1.13
autospigot remove --rev 1.13


Remove all installed versions.

autospigot clear


List all installed versions.

autospigot list

# Outputs something like:
1.13 => 1.13-R0.1-SNAPSHOT
latest => 1.12.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT


The directory where build tools and spigot versions are stored depends on the platform you are working on.

Path Platform
<AppData>/autospigot Windows
~/.autospigot any other

The following specific paths exist in the autospigot storage directory:

Filename Description
build-tools.jar The latest build tools version that was used.
build-tools-meta.json Used to ensure that the local build tools are the latest.
versions/<rev>/craftbukkit.jar Craftbukkit server for a specific version.
version/<rev>/spigot.jar Spigot server for a specific version.
version/<rev>/meta.json Internal meta information of the installed version.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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