Riak backed auth provider for autohost


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autohost riak auth

This library is a riak backed auth provider compliant with autohost v0.2.0's auth provider specification.

This library currently supports basic, OAuth2 (bearer) and generic token authorization headers. If no authorization header is present, a basic challenge is present.


// see riaktive's README to see more information about how to configure pbc and http ports
var host = require( 'autohost' );
var authProvider = require( 'autohost-riak-auth' )( {
        appName: 'myApp', 
        riak: { nodes: [
            { host: 'riak-node1' },
            { host: 'riak-node2' },
            { host: 'riak-node3' },
        ] } 
    } );
host.init( { /* autohost configuration goes here */ }, authProvider );


This library requires you to provide an appName property in the configuration object that it will use as a bucket suffix to differentiate different application authentication and authorization data. There is no default value, you must provide one.


As indicated by the comment above, the riak property is how you pass along configuration to riaktive which controls how this library will connect to your Riak nodes.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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