Autosuggest engine for ANTLR4 grammars


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JavaScript autosuggest engine for ANTLR4 grammars

Oran Epelbaum

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Getting the antlr-autosuggest JavaScript Module

npm install --save antlr4-autosuggest


// Load the lexer and parser modules generated by antlr4
const lexerModule = require('./myGrammarLexer');
const parserModule = require('./myGrammarParser');

// Create an autosuggester, providing it with the lexer and parser classes
const autosuggest = require('antlr4-autosuggest');
const autosuggester = autosuggest.autosuggester(lexerModule.myGrammarLexer, parserModule.myGrammarParser);

// Suggest completions for the string "ABC"
let suggestions = autosuggester.autosuggest("ABC");

How It Works

See explanation in the Java project.


  • Clone the antlr-autosuggest-js repository.
  • Install Node and NPM (tested with 8)
  • Run the command npm test.


Written by Oran Epelbaum at Intigua. When starting to write this, studied the following blog posts (though much has changed since):

  • RAPID7: How to Implement ANTLR4 Autocomplete
  • TOMASETTI: Building autocompletion for an editor based on ANTLR by Federico Tomassetti

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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