An experimental Antidote client for nodejs, written in typescript


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This is a JavaScript Client for AntidoteDB.


The library is available as an npm package. Run the following command to add it as a dependency to your project:

npm install --save antidote_ts_client


Documentation is available at

Development / Contributing

Build Status

To build and compile the library execute:

npm install
npm run compile

Tests are written in Mocha and can be found in src/tests.ts. To execute the tests, start Antidote and then run the tests via npm:

# Start Antidote using Docker
docker run -d --name antidote --restart always -p "4368:4368" -p "8085:8085" -p "8087:8087" -p "8099:8099" -p "9100:9100" -e NODE_NAME=antidote@ antidotedb/antidote
# Run Tests
npm test

Feel free to open pull requests or open issues.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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