Another (probably best) work report generator.


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Another work report generator

Do you want to generate report from your repositories? Now you can do it in simple way.



  • Generate report from all repositories in path folder.
  • Report generated in xlsx format.
  • Calculate time spend based on number of lines changed (sure this method can be false).
  • Many settings are set using indirect data (e.g author can be fetched from git settings)
  • Columns available in report: fullhash, hash, date, time spend(h), project (folder), description.
  • Auto open file after it is generated.
  • Display information about commits per day in console.



npm install -g another-work-report-generator

Script requires node version at least 6.9.0.


another-work-report-generator [options]

Available options

You can check available options and default values by:

another-work-report-generator --help

List of options:

  • version - Show version number
  • path - Repositories root path (default: current working directory)
  • output-path - Generated report path (default: current working directory)
  • month - Report month (default: last or current month, depending on the day of the month)
  • year - Report year (default: last or current year, depending on the day of the month)
  • author - Report author name (default: name from git)
  • max-hours-per-day - Number of max hours per day (default: 7)
  • min-commit-time - Number of min commit time in hours (default: 0.25)
  • graduation - Smallest time unit in hours (default: 0.25)
  • silent - Disable output in console (default: false)
  • disable-auto-open-file - Disable auto opening new report file (default: false)
  • disable-calendar - Disable displaying calendar with commits counters (default: false)
  • disable-interactive - Disable interactive questions (default: false)
  • last-hours - Take commits from last [x] hours. This property override month and year properties. (default: null)
  • output - Application output {excel, console} (default: excel)
  • locale - Date locale (now only for console output) (default: en)
  • calculation-method - Calculation method {standard, equal} (default: standard)
  • equal-round-precision - Decimal number precision (applying only for equal calculation method) (default: 2)



  • First public version.
  • Refactored input (default values, way to pass arguments) and console output.
  • Now it can be installed and used as global package.
  • Auto open file feature.
  • Changed library to generating xlsx file.


  • Eslint added
  • Changed colors library to chalk
  • Some files refactored (commitsGetter, defaults)
  • Fixed problem with modifying the file without modifying it.


  • Quick fix - Removed colors library from code.


  • Quick fix - Displaying package version.


  • Added calendar with commits counters.


  • Added question about report generator.
  • Added new parameters (disable-calendar and disable-interactive)
  • Improved displaying in console.
  • Fixed problem with filepath containing spaces.


  • Quick fix - Problem with days on calendar.
  • Quick fix - Wrong displayed month.


  • Quick fix - Removed console.log.


  • Improve calendar (days are greyed out when not in date range).
  • Add last-hours, output and locale options.


  • Added some tests to code ...
    • Fixed problem with first day color in calendar.
    • Fixed problem with wrong indentation for first week.
    • Fixed problem with wrong days number in month.
  • Changed properties display method. (look at gif)


  • Fix app launching on linux.


  • Added new calculation method - equal
    • Added properties calculation-method and equal-round-precision
    • Calculation method "equal" means that sum of all commits time in day is equal maxHoursPerDay.

3.4.1 - 3.4.4

  • Fixes (and fix attempts) problems with node 12+



Development requires node version >=12.0.0 (required for debugging tests)


  • Improve standardCalculation method
  • Change to more flexible date range
  • Generated file should be more configurable (e.g columns order)
  • Passing arguments by config file
  • Add other sources (not only git repos) e.g reports from bug trackers

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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