Another React CLI to create and manage new React projects.


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Another React CLI (ARC)

This project has being deprecated in favor of Fullstack CLI and it is no longer maintained. This new project covers both, the front and the back.

This is another React CLI to manage and create React projects, using inquirer.js to ask questions to the user to configure the creation process.

The environment created uses WebPack to pack the application, and npm/yarn script to automatize the process.

The build process creates a dist folder with the application, the vendor libraries, the styles and other bundles, result of dynamic importing (already set the tools and the linter rules).

We also add a tool to clean the dist folder when building.

So right now, you can create a full application, and a single component. The options for the full application are:

If you choose nothing, you have the simple app with an only file and an only component. If you choose all, you need to also create a back using another-api-cli, to connect using websockets.

To use it, just install it from npm:

npm -g install another-react-cli

And create a new project, just typing arc and answering a few questions.

Have fun :)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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