Another API CLI to create and manage new API with Node.


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Another API CLI (APIC)

This project has being deprecated in favor of Fullstack CLI and it is no longer maintained. This new project covers both, the front and the back.

This is another API CLI to manage and create API projects using Node.js and Hapi, and using inquirer.js to ask questions to the user to configure the creation process.

All it's made using plain node without any kind of parser. So I'm still using require instead of import.

The new API, has the following capabilities:

  • Security layer using JWT.
  • REST API layer using Hapi and Swagger.
  • JWT endpoint to return a token.
  • JWT endpoint to decode a token.
  • GraphQL endpoint over MongoDB.
  • A module to connect to MongoDB.
  • A module to connect to MySQL.
  • A module to connect to PostgreSQL.
  • A module to open web sockets.

Just install the tool from npm:

npm -g install another-api-cli

And execute in a terminal apic.

Then follow the steps to create you API.

To configure the databases connections, install and run the databases you need, and use the configuration files inside the config folder to define the connection parameters.

The API will try to connect to your database, so if you don't configure the connection properly, it will throw an error.

Have fun :)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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