carbon backend that send metrics to anodot backend


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Relay graphite metrics to anodot backend

It currently supports:

  • line protocol
  • pickle protocol


git clone
cd anodot-relay
npm install


cd anodot-relay/bin
./relay config.json


      "url": "",
      "token": "<YOUR API TOKEN>",
      "log": "error",
      "showStats": false,
      "sendStats": true,
      "plainPort": 2003,
      "picklePort": 2004,
      "flushInterval": 5000,
      "metricBlackList": "",
      "metricWhitelist": "",
      "metricRewrite": [],
      "metricPrefix": "",
  • url: anodot service url, default

  • token: anodot api token

  • log: log level default error

  • showStats: print to stdout performance statistics every flushInterval, default false

  • sendStats: send statistics metrics to anodot backend, default true

  • plainPort: listener port for plain text protocol, default 2003

  • picklePort: listener port for pickle protocol, default 2004

  • flushInterval: number in milliseconds to flush metrics, default 10,000

  • metricFilter: obsolete, replaced by metricBlacklist

  • metricBlacklist: javascript regex that filters out (blacklist) metrics not to be send to anodot, default ""

              example: "metricFilter": "token1|token2|token3"
  • metricWhitelist: javascript regex that filters for (whitelist) metrics to be sent to anodot, default ""

              example: "metricWhitelist: "token1|token2|token3"
  • metricRewrite: rewrite rules for metrics tokens default, []

              example: "metricRewrite": [{"regex": "token1", "token": "what="}]
              will rewrite metric token1.token2.token3 to what=token1.token2.token3
  • metricPrefix: add prefix to every metric send via the relay

  • metricCounter: javascript regex that will set metrics to be sent as a counter to anodot, default ""

              example: "metricCounter": "target_type=counter"
              will send all metrics containing "target_type=counter" as counter to anodot 
  • backlog: server connections backlog, default 512
  • maxConnections: max number of concurrent connections opened to anodot service, default 100

  • sortBeforeSend: sort by timestamp Tx buffer before send to anodot, default false

Running Tests

To run the tests, install Mocha then run:

cd anodot-relay/test

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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