Angular 4 Entities Generator.


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Angular 4 Entities Generator.

How to install

npm i -g ankor-ng-generator

Usage examples:

# make init file for project(in the root dir of your project)
ngg init
# generate a component with inline template
ngg component my-first-comp -t
# show help for 'component' command
ngg component -h
# commands list

How to configure

edit .ng-generator.json file in the root directory of your project after this generator has been initialized in your project.


  • component
  • directive
  • pipe
  • service
  • module
  • page
  • directory
  • model not finished
  • guard not finished

Key differences with @angular/cli

  • this generator can only generate entities and nothing more.(there is no things like ng serve)
  • all methods in classes has access specifier (public/private/protected)
  • components, pipes, directives, services has injected DebugService by default. (this is your custom service)
  • components, pipes, directives has ngOnInit by default
  • init and destroy method for services
  • importing SharedModule in modules and pages by default
  • page entity. This is specific module for async bundle loading
  • directory entity. This is command for create directory with index.ts file and some constants like export const MY_DIRECTORY_COMPONENTS = [ ... ]; in it

What I want to do next:

  • finish model and guard commands
  • create command api-service
  • add ability to modify templates for everyone without source code modifications(forking project)

Why I created this project?

  • first and main thing is: I wanted to be able to fully customize the templates for myself
  • i wanted to have practice with node.js console applications

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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