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This package provide an easy to use log system for angular2 applications.

Every log are outputted to a named logger. Each logger has an Observable that can be subscribed in order to achieve various interesting stuffs !

I hope this will help !


Install it:

npm install --save angular2-log

Update System.js config. This is needed to map import of angular2-log to the right folder.
( I do not really get why it's needed, so if anybody have a clue or an answer, please let me know !)

    map: {
        'angular2-log': 'node_modules/angular2-log'
    packages: {
        'angular2-log': {
            defaultExtension: 'js'
        'public/js': {
            format: 'register',
            defaultExtension: 'js'

Add to your injector the provider for the log service:

import {LogService} from 'angular2-log/log';

// To add the provider at your root injector
bootstrap(DemoComponent, [LogService]);

Inject the service where needed, and use it !

export class YourComponent {
    constructor(public logService: LogService) {
        this.logService.debug('Your debug stuff');'An info');
        this.logService.warning('Take care ');
        this.logService.error('Too late !');

Available Gulp tasks

  • build: Compile both sources and demo
  • build_src: Build only source
  • build_demo: Build only demo
  • watch_src: Watch all source file and trigger build on change
  • build_demo: Watch all demo file and trigger build on change
  • serve_demo: Start a small server on port 8888 to test the demo app.
  • demo: Build everything, watch everything and start the server !

Using the demo

By default the demo app does NOT have any dependencies over angular2-log, you have to setup this dependencies by yourself.
You can choose between two differents approach:

  • Using npm install:
cd angular2-log/demo
npm install angular2-log
  • Using npm link:
cd angular2-log
[sudo] npm link
cd angular2-log/demo
[sudo] npm link angular2-log

Once this is done:

gulp demo

This will build everything and start the demo. Which will be available at: http://localhost:8888



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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