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Flash Messages for angular2

Getting Started

angular2-flash-message is intended to be used for displaying flash-messages on UI. The flash message can be customized based on the message type (alert, info, warning) which is based on Bootstrap 3 Alerts

You will need to include bootstrap styles

<!-- index.html -->
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

How to use:

Install angular2-flash-message from 'npm'

npm install angular2-flash-message --save

In the template where you would like show the flash-message include

<flash-message messagePositioning="top-right"></flash-message>

Optionally you could choose where to display the flash message, by default its 'top-right'

In your component, the flash message service need to be injected so

constructor(private flashMessageService: FlashMessageService)

To display the flash message create an instance of flashMessage like so
let flMsg = new FlashMessage()
flMsg.message = 'Test'; // string to be displayed in the notification, if empty flash message wont be dsiplayed
flMsg.isSuccess = true; // defaults to info
flMsg.timeoutInMS = 80000; // defaults to 6000

// Finally call the service with the created flasMessage instance

The flash message can be destroyed by time out or by pressing the x on the notification.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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