Standard common challenges in Single Pages Applications with Angular solved.


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Standard common challenges in Single Pages Applications with angular solved.

This project can be used standalone or in full stack project, generated by

spring-spa yeoman generator, designed specifically to merge Spring and Angular

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What you get?

  • User account service. This user service loads information about the current login in user. Intentionally you don't have things for user management like: create, update, password reset, because my projects use a separate Single Sign On server Keycloak that ships with all and way more.
  • Directives for security template display. This let you conditionally display user UI elements based on user roles and authorities.
  • Interceptors - Common use case for interceptors like: Dialog for messages, ajaxtimeout

I recommend check angular-http-interceptor for other useful project.


Latest stable documentation is published in

Examples in:


I think motivation is important, and in the past few month's I'm pursue a big picture.

The big picture is to standardize a architecture for Web Apps that are related, or a family of web apps.

You can find clues about it in this projects:

Have fun ;-)

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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