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Widget Engine


A widget engine to create beautiful and interactive dashboards, reports, widgets containing HTML content, videos, canvas, what have you to display almost anything in the form of widgets, which can be dragged and dropped, maxmized. Customizable look and feel for each widget.


  • Configurable number of columns
  • Configurable default widgets
  • Resize columns
  • Dynamic adding and removing of columns
  • Sticky widgets
  • Fullscreen widget
  • Dynamic adding and removing of widgets
  • Drag and drop widgets
  • Add custom widget controls
  • Events on custom widget controls
  • Everything configured through single JSON (sample)
  • Callbacks for any change in the widget engine

Demo (Simple, Dashboard)

Demo GIF


  • Angular
  • Angular Material
  • Material Icons Fonts


npm install angular-material-widget-engine
<body ng-app="MyApp">
    <div ng-controller="sampleCtrl">
        <md-widget-engine configuration='data.WEconfiguration' callback="data.WEcallback"></md-widget-engine>
angular.module('MyApp', ['ngMaterial', 'ngMdWidgetEngine']);

angular.module('MyApp').controller('sampleCtrl', sampleCtrl);

// get your widget configuration from your API
function sampleCtrl($scope, $http){
        $ = {};
        $ = data;
        $ = function(e, configuration){
            console.log(e, configuration);

Engine Configuration

Key Value Description
dynamicColumns boolean Enable / disable the feature of allowing user to add more remove empty columns (default is true)
resizeableColumns boolean Enable / disable the feature of allowing user to adjust the width of each column

Column Configuration

Key Value Description
name column-1 Any descriptive name for the column
background #FFFFFF Any hex color code as the background color of the column
size 50 A numeric value less than 100 for the width of the column with respective to with widget engine width (min. is 15)
widgets [...] List of widgets in the column (with the below Widget Configurations)

Widget Configuration

Key Value Description
name widget-1 Any descriptive name for the widget
title Report One Title displayed in the toolbar for each widget
type include or iframe or html The content of widget can be fetched through ng-include or any external content through iFrame or simple HTML content string through HTML
resize true It allows the content to be resized vertically by the user
minHeight 300 Minimum height of the widget during resizing
maxHeight 500 Maximum height of the widget possible during resizing
sticky true Set it to true if widget should not be replaced or moved by another widget
sitckyControl true Set it to true to allow the lock icon to show up on tool bar so user can toggle the sticky feature (default is false)
fullscreenControl true Show the button control for fullscreen toggle or not in the widget toolbar (default is true)
closeControl true Show the button control for removing widget or not in the widget toolbar (default is true)
controlsLayout default or menu or fab View the widget controls in different layouts in the toolbar
customActions [{"name": "android", "icon": "android", "event": "show_me_android", "tooltip": "A custom action"}] Add any number of custom controls to the widget toolbar and widget engine will fire an event through the callback function specified in WECallback


Widget engine follows the guidelines set by the $mdThemingProvider

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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