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AMID - Another.js Mongo Internet Driver


Node.js REST interface for MongoDB, we modified mongodb-rest ( to manage more operation:

  • counting elements
  • "distinct" operations
  • excel/csv export
  • list of available db collection
  • list of keys of a specific query
  • Multithreading support

It's now also possible to search by date range and are managed sort operations.


Installation is now via npm: npm install amid. After that you can just issue amid-rest on the command line and the server should start.


Supported REST requests:

  • GET /db/collection - Returns all documents
  • GET /db/collection?query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D - Returns all documents satisfying query
  • GET /db/collection?query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D&limit=2&skip=2 - Ability to add options to query (limit, skip, etc)
  • GET /db/collection/id - Returns document with id
  • GET db - List all collection/document
  • GET /db/collection/?operation=key - List all key of collection
  • GET /db/collection/?operation=excel&query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D - export query in excel
  • GET /db/collection/?sort=[{"property":null,"direction":"ASC"}] - Returns all document soted by ASC
  • GET /db/collection?query=%7B%22isDone%22%3A%20false%7D&operation=count - Count elements
  • GET /db/collection?operation=distinct&fields=Market&sort=[{"property":null,"direction":"ASC"}] - Distinct and sort operation
  • POST /db/collection - Insert new document in collection (document in POST body)
  • PUT /db/collection/id - Update document with id (updated document in PUT body)
  • DELETE /db/collection/id - Delete document with id

Content Type:

  • Please make sure application/json is used as Content-Type when using POST/PUT with request body's.


  • Are all indicated in package.json.



  • Mariano Fiorentino
  • Andrea Negro

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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