A common module plugin for building Atlassian Connect add-ons for HipChat


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A set of modules useful for building web-framework-specific support for Atlassian Connection add-ons for HipChat. It is developed for use by the [atlassianlabs/ac-koa-hipchat] library, but should be useful for building similar adapters for other web frameworks, should that be desirable.

The main library source is written to be compatible with Node.js v0.10.x, but the tests rely on ES6 generators, which means you must use Node.js v0.11.x to run the tests. Using nvm to manage multiple Node.js versions is recommended.

Running Tests

If you don't have nvm, install it. It's not strictly required, but will aid tremendously in running multiple versions of Node.js.

$ curl | bash

For more advanced help with nvm, see its website.

If you need Node.js v0.11.x, install and select it.

$ nvm install v0.11.13
$ nvm use v0.11.13

Next, make sure you have this repository's dependencies installed.

$ cd ac-node-hipchat
$ npm install

Finally, run the full test suite.

$ npm test

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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