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generator of ac


install ac-generator global , then you can use acg angwhere

npm install ac-generator -g


  • show version
    acg -V
    acg --version
  • create an project
    acg -n projectname
    acg --new projectname
  • create an module go to floder modules and do below
    acg -m moduleName
    acg --module moduleName
  • create an page in module go to floder modules/moduleName and do below
    acg -p pageName
    acg --page pageName
  • create an component go to floder components and do this
    acg -c componentName
    acg ----component componentName
  • create an component page go to the floder components/componentName
    acg -d componetPageName

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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