Ingests a smart contract's ABI and autogenerates boilerplate code for making web3 calls.


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An easy way to autogenerate boilerplate code for calling web3.js so your app can communicate with Ethereum.


Install globally via npm, yarn, or your preferred Javascript package manager:

npm install -g abi2lib

// OR

yarn global add abi2lib

If you are on Windows, you might need to refresh your path by restarting the terminal.

You can also install abi2lib in your own project

npm install --save abi2lib

// OR 

yarn global add abi2lib



Use in your terminal of choice by running:

abi2lib <contract_path> [options]

The options let you specify config values directly in the command, or specify a path to a config file. If you do not specify an output directory via an option, then it will be created in the working one. Run abi2lib --help to learn more.


Use in your own nodejs scripts:

const abi2lib = require('abi2lib');

abi2lib.generate(contract_path, output_folder, config_options);


Either of these methods will generate a directory named <ContractName>ContractLib which contains all of your autogenerated code. You can then use that code to communicate with your smart contract via:

const BaseController = require('<ContractName>ContractLib/<ContractName>Controller.js');

const ContractController = new BaseController();

// Async method, returns Promise; configures library with 
// network ID of currently active network.
await ContractController.detectNetwork();

// Perform transaction using config values & required inputs
ContractController.post_<fxnA>(fromAddr, [value if allowed], ...contractInputs);

// Query output of contract using required inputs, does not perform transaction
ContractController.get_<fxnB>(fromAddr, ...contractInputs);


The optional config object includes constants for configuring web3 calls.

  "eth": {                                      
    "provider": "http://localhost:8545",       
    "default_gas": 0,                      
    "default_gasPrice": 40            

Connector Methods

The Controller class will have methods corresponding to each of the function descriptions listed in the ABI. If the function can be called with inputs, then there will be a method shaped like:

post_<fxnName>(from, [value if fxn is payable], [fxnParams...]){
    // Properly configured call to contract's `send` function, triggers transaction

If the function also has outputs, then there will be a method shaped like:

get_<fxnName>(from, [inputParams...]){
    // Properly configured call to contract's `call` function, triggers no transaction

Output Structure

Outputs a directory named <ContractName>ContractLib which contains:

  1. GenericEthConnector.js : Generically converts ethereum read/write calls into web3 calls.
  2. <ContractName>Controller.js : Contains all generated methods corresponding to the contract.
  3. contract.json : A copy of your chosen smart contract ABI JSON
  4. config.json : A copy of your chosen config JSON


abi2lib is developed & maintained by Eximchain, released for public use under the Apache-2.0 License.

Output from abi2lib uses the same license.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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