node client for extended StatsD server of Datadog


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Aaron Brady: A fork of node-dogstatsd to add events. should eventually merge back with that project, just need the module now.

A node.js client for extended StatsD server of Datadog.

Datadog added new some features(histogram and tags) to their own StatsD implementation. This client is an extension of general StatsD client to work with that server.

Most parts of codes came from Steve Ivy's node-statsd. I just added few lines to support datadog's histogram and tags features.

The name of the package is changed because this isn't really statsd client and should be able to be used with original statsd client.

% npm install node-dogstatsd
% node
> var StatsD = require('node-dogstatsd').StatsD
> c = new StatsD('example.org',8125)
{ host: 'example.org', port: 8125 }
> c.increment('node_test.int')
> c.incrementBy('node_test.int', 7)
> c.decrement('node_test.int')
> c.decrementBy('node_test.int', 12)
> c.timing('node_test.some_service.task.time', 500) // time in millis
> c.histogram('node_test.some_service.data', 100) // works only with datadog' StatsD
> c.increment('node_test.int', 1, ['tag:one']) // works only with datadog' StatsD


node-statsd is licensed under the MIT license.

Error handling policy

  • exceptions "bubble up" into the app that uses this library
  • we don't log or print to console any errors ourself, it's the toplevel app that decides how to log/write to console.
  • we document which exceptions can be raised, and where. (TODO, https://github.com/sivy/node-statsd/issues/17)

in your main app, you can leverage the fact that you have access to c.socket and do something like: (this is the best way I've found so far)

c.socket.on('error', function (exception) {
   return console.log ("error event in socket.send(): " + exception);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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