Immersive command line interface for Jira


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Take the jeer out of JIRA

An immersive command line interface (CLI) for JIRA


npm install aaronshaf-jira-cli -g



  help [command...]                 Provides help for a given command.
  exit                              Exits application.
  comment <issue key> <comment...>  Comment on an issue.
  configure                         Set username, password, host, etc.
  describe project <project key>    Describe a project by project key.
  list boards                       List boards.
  list dashboards                   List dashboards.
  list projects                     List projects.
  mine                              List my issues.
  search <query...>                 Search with query string (jql).
  show board                        Show board. Alias: sprint.
  show issue <issue key>            Show an issue.
  use project <project key>         Use a project.
  use board <rapid view name...>    Use a board.

Supports autocomplete. Press tab to complete a command or argument.

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