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Using this module in other modules

Here is a quick example of how this module can be used in other modules. The TypeScript Module Resolution Logic makes it quite easy. The file src/index.ts is a barrel that re-exports selected exports from other files. The package.json file contains main attribute that points to the generated lib/index.js file and typings attribute that points to the generated lib/index.d.ts file.

If you are planning to have code in multiple files (which is quite natural for a NodeJS module) that users can import, make sure you update src/index.ts file appropriately.

Now assuming you have published this amazing module to npm with the name my-amazing-lib, and installed it in the module in which you need it -

  • To use the Greeter class in a TypeScript file -
import { Greeter } from "my-amazing-lib";

const greeter = new Greeter("World!");
  • To use the Greeter class in a JavaScript file -
const Greeter = require('my-amazing-lib').Greeter;

const greeter = new Greeter('World!');

Setting travis and coveralls badges

  1. Sign in to travis and activate the build for your project.
  2. Sign in to coveralls and activate the build for your project.
  3. Replace {{github-user-name}}/{{github-app-name}} with your repo details like: "ospatil/generator-node-typescript".

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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