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Express console and fluentd logger

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Logger is configured to log messages to the console and fluentd.

When creating new logger instance need to pass logLevel and optional fluentConfig.

Fluentd logging is enabled via config.


const createLogger = require('@vanioinformatika/express-logger').createLogger

const logLevel = 'info'
const fluentConfig = {
  enabled: true,
  tag: 'application tag',
  config: {
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 12345

const logger = createLogger(logLevel, fluentConfig)



Initialize logger only with console logger:

const logger = createLogger('info')

Initialize logger with console and fluent logger:

const logger = createLogger('info', {
  enabled: true,
  tag: 'application-name',
  config: {
    host: 'localhost',
    port: 12345

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