Utility library for grunt file configuration and grunt tasks


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Library of modules that are useful to build grunt tasks and configure Gruntfiles.

This library was originally intended for internal consumption, though the functionality provided by this library is fairly generic.

Grunt is a popular task automation framework, and can be used to build automated tasks that make up a develop/test/build/publish workflow.

This library does not actually implement grunt tasks, but provides utility classes and modules to not just build grunt tasks, but also configure gruntfiles for a given project.

API Documentation

API documentation can be found here.


In addition to writing code (and tests!), every project brings with it a common set of tasks that comprise a development workflow for the project. This workflow includes common activities such as linting, formatting files, testing, building, packaging, etc.

Having consistent way of performing these tasks makes it easier to switch from one project to another, because all common tasks will be identical for a given class of project (nodejs library, API server, etc.).

In order to ensure this consistency, a common task automation framework (Grunt) is used, combined with a consistent configuration and development tool set for that framework.

This library exports modules and classes that enable the creation of consistent Gruntfiles, ensuring that they can be ported from project to project with minimal (preferably zero) changes.


This library can be installed using npm:

npm install @vamship/grunt-utils


The classes and modules exported by this library are independent, and can be used by importing them into the source code as follows:

const {Directory} = require('@vamship/grunt-utils');

const root = new Directory('./');

// Use the directory object as required

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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