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npm install --save @types/fontoxml


This package contains type definitions for FontoXML (http://www.fontoxml.com/).


Files were exported from https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/tree/master/types/fontoxml.


// Type definitions for FontoXML
// Project: http://www.fontoxml.com/
// Definitions by: Roland Zwaga <https://github.com/rolandzwaga>
// Definitions: https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped

declare namespace com.fontoxml
    //This is a description of how to invoke the FontoXML editor, and instruct it to load (a) document(s).
    //Please keep in mind that the URL length may be limited in certain browsers, so a safe limit of 2000 characters
    //for the whole URL including query parameters should be used.
    export interface IInvocator
        //The document id's of the documents to load from the CMS.
        documentIds: string[];
        //The base URL where the CMS endpoints are exposed.
            cmsBaseUrl: string;
            //The edit session token to use for accessing the CMS endpoints.
                editSessionToken: string;
                //User information.
        user?: IUserInfo | undefined;
        //Workflow information.
        workflow?: IWorkflowInfo | undefined;
        //Allow/disallow auto-save functionality.
        autosave?: boolean | undefined;
        //If set to a positive integer, enable the Heartbeat API to send every x seconds.
        heartbeat?: number | undefined;

    export interface IWorkflowInfo

    export interface IUserInfo extends IWorkflowInfo

    //This is describes the object that is assigned to the MessageEvent.data
    //property after the FontoXML editor posts a message
    export interface IFontoMessageEventData {
        command: string;
        type: string;
        scope: com.fontoxml.IInvocator;
        metadata: any;


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These definitions were written by Roland Zwaga.

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