Commandline interface part of the TIBCO Cloud Composer to manage TIBCO Cloud Organizations and to manage and develop your own TIBCO Cloud Application


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TIBCO Cloud™ Composer - Command Line Interface

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Command Line Interface for creating TIBCO Cloud™ Application Projects (For more information see the Full Documentation)

TIBCO Cloud™ CLI) Installation:

npm install -g @tibco-tcstk/cloud-cli

TIBCO Cloud™ CLI) Usage:

tcli [new / <task>][--debug(-d)] [--createCP(-c)] [--help(-h)] [--version(-v)] [--update(-u)] [--browse(-b)] [--propfile(-p)] [--multiple(-m) --multipleFile(-f) <multiple-file-name> --job(-j) <job-name> --environment(-e) <environment name>] [--multipleInteraction(-i)] [--surpressStart(-s)] [--answers(a) <answers>] [--record(-r) <file-name>]

Note: When you just run "tcli" it will bring you in an interactive menu based on the context.

Create new Tibco Cloud™ Application:

tcli new

And answer the questions, or provide the answers inline:

tcli new <name> [--template(-t)] <template-to-use>
  • debug: Display debug information.

  • createCP: Create a new tibco-cloud.properties file.

  • help: display help

  • version: display the version number

  • update: update the tcli

  • browse: browse tcli tasks (Note; a tibco-cloud.properties file need to exist otherwise one can be created automatically)

  • propfile: when specified tcli will use a different property file then the default tibco-cloud.properties

  • multiple: run the task specified in the configured multiple property file. This allows you to execute tasks on many cloud applications and many different configured environments at the same time.

  • multipleFile: when specified tcli will use a different property file then the default manage-multiple-cloud-organizations.properties you can optionally specify a job to run and an environment to run this in; this is handy in integrating with CI/CD Buildpipelines.

  • multipleInteraction: when specified, the multiple file will also be used, but in an interactive way. This is extremely handy if you want to run specific tcli jobs on multiple environments quickly.

  • surpressStart: When using this option after creating a new cloud application the interactive tcli will not start.

  • answers: A comma(,) or column(:) separated list of answers to interactive questions. This is useful to run the tcli completely verbose; useful in a build-pipeline.

  • record: A filename in which a replay for the executed command will be recorded.

Available Tutorials

These are the available TIBCO Cloud™ CLI Tutorials:

TUTORIAL Description
1. TCLI Overview Provides an overview of the Archtiecture and Concepts of the TCLI
2. Global Configuration This guide explains the concept of properties and global properties
3. Get started with the TIBCO Cloud Composer This guide provides step by step instructions on how to create, adjust and deploy a cloud application to the TIBCO Cloud
4. Managing multiple TIBCO Cloud Organizations This guide explains how to manage multiple organizations in the TIBCO Cloud with the TCLI
5. Setting Up A Buildpipeline This guide explains how to setup a build pipeline with for example Jenkins or TeamCity
6. Passing In Answers This guide explains the concept of passing in answers to a TCLI task
7. Github Actions This guide explains how to run TCLI task on commits to github with github actions
8. TCLI Recorder This guide explains the concept of recording tasks for replay in scripts

Available TCLI Tasks

These are the available TIBCO Cloud™ CLI Tasks:


TASK Description
show-properties Shows the properties in your properties file (and possibly the global values)
add-or-update-property Adds or Updates a property in a file.
obfuscate-password Obfuscate a password and put it in the cloud-properties file
view-global-config View the global cloud connection configuration
update-global-config Update the global cloud connection configuration
create-multiple-property-file Creating an initial property file to manage multiple cloud applications and environments.
generate-cloud-property-files Generates a list of cloud property files.
replace-string-in-file Replace string in file following the Replace_FROM, Replace_TO and Replace_PATTERN properties
replace-values-in-files Replace string in file following based on answers provided
validate Validations on the setting and/or the value of a property, the existence of a Cloud Application, LiveApp or TCI App.
quit Quit the console
update-tcli Update the Cloud CLI
help Display's help message
browse-tasks Browses the TCLI tasks by category
repeat-last-task Repeats the last executed task (easy accessible using the up button)


TASK Description
show-cloud Show Cloud Details
show-cloud-roles Displays which tenants you have access to, and what roles you have
change-tibco-cloud-region Change the Region in the cloud-properties file
show-tibco-cloud-organizations Shows the Cloud Organization and potentially more details
change-tibco-cloud-organization Changes the Organization in the cloud-properties file


TASK Description
show-cloud-apps Show a Table of all the deployed Cloud Applications
show-cloud-app-links Show Links to your Cloud Applications
start-cloud-app Start your local cloud application project
build-cloud-app Build your local cloud application project
test-cloud-app Run Test cases for your cloud application
test-cloud-app-headless Run Test cases for your cloud application, headless (without opening the browser)
deploy-cloud-app Deploy your local cloud application project
build-deploy-cloud-app Builds and Deploys your local project to the cloud
delete-cloud-app Delete a LiveApps WebApp
generate-descriptor Generates the configured Public Cloud Descriptor
update-packages Updates the NPM packages in the @tibco-tcstk scope in your project.
inject-lib-sources Enables your project for Cloud Library Debugging
undo-lib-sources Undoes the enabling for Cloud Library Debugging
schematic-add Add a schematic into your project


TASK Description
show-live-apps-cases Show Live Apps Cases
show-live-apps-design-time-apps Show Live Apps Applications in Development (can be copied)
show-live-apps-users Shows the users in LiveApps (which can be added to groups).
show-live-apps-groups Displays the LiveApps groups and their users.
show-live-apps-sandbox Displays the LiveApps Sandbox ID's for Production and Development
show-live-apps-actions Displays the LiveApps actions (Creators & Actions) for a CaseType
create-live-apps-group Creates a new LiveApps group.
add-user-to-group Adds a user to a LiveApps group.
export-live-apps-case-type Export the details of a Live Apps Case Type
export-live-apps-cases Export Data from Live Apps
generate-live-apps-import-configuration Generate the Live Apps Import configuration file
import-live-apps-cases Import Cases to Live Apps
copy-live-apps-between-organizations Copies a LiveApps application between organizations.


TASK Description
show-shared-state Show the shared state contents
show-shared-state-details Shows the details of one Shared State entry.
create-shared-state-entry Create a new shared state entry
clear-shared-state-entry Removes one Shared State entry.
clear-shared-state-filter Removes all shared state entries in the configured filter.
export-shared-state Downloads all shared state entries from the configured filter to the local file system.
import-shared-state Uploads one entry or the configured filter from the local file system to the shared state.
watch-shared-state Monitors the local shared state and when changes are detected it is uploaded to the cloud.


TASK Description
show-cloud-folders Displays the content of the LiveApps Organization Folders.
create-cloud-folder Creates a new LiveApps Organization Folder.
upload-file-to-cloud-folder Uploads a file to a LiveApps Organization Folder
download-cloud-files-from-cloud-folder Downloads file(s) from a LiveApps Organization Folder to disk


TASK Description
show-tci-apps List all TIBCO Cloud Integration Applications(Flogo, Scribe, Node.JS & Business Works).
monitor-tci-app Monitor the logs of a TIBCO Cloud Integration Flogo Application
export-tci-app Exports a TCI-Flogo Application


TASK Description
show-messaging-summary Show summary of cloud messaging
show-messaging-clients Show clients of cloud messaging


TASK Description
browse-spotfire-library List Spotfire Analytical Reports and browse through folders on the Spotfire Library.
list-spotfire-library Lists all components(DXP's, Mods, Information links, Data files or Data connections) in your SF Library.
copy-spotfire-library-item Copies a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example) from one place to another (possibly between organizations).
rename-spotfire-library-item Renames a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example).
share-spotfire-library-folder Shares a Spotfire Library Folder with a Specific User.
delete-spotfire-library-item Deletes a Spotfire Library Item (a DXP for example).
create-spotfire-library-folder Creates a new Library Folder.
upload-spotfire-dxp Uploads a Spotfire DXP into a specific library folder.
download-spotfire-dxp Downloads a Spotfire DXP from a library folder.


TASK Description
show-nimbus-maps Shows a list of available Nimbus maps


TASK Description
show-discover-process-analysis Show's the process analysis of Project Discover
show-discover-datasets Show's the datasets of Project Discover
show-discover-templates Show's the templates of Project Discover
show-discover-dataset-files Show's a list of dataset files for Project Discover
export-discover-datasets Exports the datasets of Project Discover into JSON files
upload-discover-dataset-file Uploads a CSV file for analysis in Project Discover
remove-discover-dataset-file Removes a Dataset file in Project Discover
create-discover-dataset Create a Dataset for Project Discover
remove-discover-dataset Removes a Dataset for Project Discover
run-discover-process-analysis Runs a Process Analysis for Project Discover
action-discover-process-analysis Run an action(Archive, Remove, Rerun) on a Process Analysis from Project Discover
export-discover-config Exports the configuration for Project Discover into a JSON file


TASK Description
show-oauth-tokens Displays OAUTH tokens to authenticate to the TIBCO Cloud.
generate-oauth-token Generate a new OAUTH token to authenticate to the TIBCO Cloud.
revoke-oauth-token Revokes an existing OAUTH token.
rotate-oauth-token Revokes your existing OAUTH token and then generates a new one.
validate-and-rotate-oauth-token Checks if OAUTH token is valid for more than a configured time (1 week for example) and if not, it will rotate it.

For more information see the TCSTK Documentation


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