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This library provides a full implementation of the web streams standard. It has no dependencies and can be used as a streams replacement in browsers without (full) support for the streams standard or in Node.

It also provides a full set of TypeScript types for the library as an improvement over the incomplete typings in the TS standard library.


npm install @stardazed/streams
pnpm install @stardazed/streams
yarn add @stardazed/streams


In a build system or runtime with module support:

// stream types
import { ReadableStream, WriteStream, TransformStream } from "@stardazed/streams";
// built-in strategies
import { ByteLengthQueuingStrategy, CountQueuingStrategy } from "@stardazed/streams";

In pre-modular Node:

// stream types
const { ReadableStream, WriteStream, TransformStream } = require("@stardazed/streams");
// built-in strategies
const { ByteLengthQueuingStrategy, CountQueuingStrategy } = require("@stardazed/streams");

See the Web Streams Standard Specification for documentation, examples, etc.


This implementation passes all tests (as specified by January 2019) in the web platform tests except for the detached buffer tests as explained below and a few internal name check tests.

This is a good thing, but a number of tests in the suite are aimed mainly at browser engine internals or ordering of instructions strictly to the letter of the spec. This implementation may at any point deviate from certain spec tests for legibility or optimization purposes, but only if it's deemed worthwhile. (Actual browser implementations already do this as well.)


Although the full streams API is implemented, this library's code lives in the client space and cannot directly be used with other built-in APIs. This includes calling getReader on the body of a fetch call, which may either not be implemented at all or return a browser internal ReadableStream. Due to implementation details of streams, you cannot mix and match the types in this implementation with those provided by the browser.

šŸ‘‰ The streams fetch adapter package can be used to create modified versions of fetch and Response to work with this or any other ReadableStream implementation.

šŸ‘‰ The Stardazed streams polyfill package provides a full replacement for streams, fetch and Response as a global polyfill. Use this if you just want a drop-in, make-it-work version of Stardazed streams.

In addition, while the BYOB variant of ReadableStream is implemented, buffers are copied and not transferred as no browser has implemented detached buffers yet, let alone exposed them to client-level code.


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