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smLightbox is a library for creating a lightbox with Slider.

Table of Contents


Run npm install -S @shopmacher/lightbox to install the package from npm. Alternatively, you can download the latest release from this repository.

To include the library, refer to the module definition you are using.


Include the lightbox.js and lightbox.css from the lib directory in your project. This makes smLightbox available in the global scope.


Adjust your require.config.js to include the following code:

packages: [{
    name: '@shopmacher/lightbox',
    location: 'node_modules/@shopmacher/lightbox/lib',
    main: 'lightbox'

Now you can use the slider in your project like this:

define('myModule', ['@shopmacher/lightbox'], function(Lightbox) {
    // Access smSlider object here


Require the slider via const Lightbox = require('@shopmacher/lightbox'); and use the Lightbox variable to access its methods.


Import the lightbox via import Lightbox from '@shopmacher/lightbox'; and access it via the Lightbox variable.


This section describes how to initialise and configure the lightbox.


The library can either intialized via a static method for all images that posses the attribute "data-lightbox="imageGroup1". You can group images with the same group name.

Static initialization

const lightbox = Lightbox.init();


To validate an input, the library provides a set of basic validators that are controlled via data-attributes. The following example would validate the input for a minimum length of 5 characters and output the result into an HTML element.

    data-lightbox-thumbnail="" />

data-lightbox="group" is the group of images that are shown in the lightbox.

data-lightbox-zoom="" optional for bigger images, that are used instead of original source

data-lightbox-thumbnail="" optional for lower images, that are used instead of original source


The options object that you either pass in the contructor can consist of the following options:

Option Description Type Default Value
showThumbSlider Shows the thubmnail slider on bottom boolean false
showCloseButton Shows the close button in the right corner on top boolean true
darkBackground Excepts rgba or hex colors for the background string rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7)
mainSlider See smSlider Options Object undefined
thumbSlider See smSlider Options Object undefined

Please note, that the options must be in an object that is equal to the group name.

Option object example:

    imageGroupe1: {
        showThumbSlider: true,
        mainSlider: {
            visibleSlides: 1,
            step: 1,
            infinite: true
        thumbSlider: {
            visibleSlides: 4,
            step: 1,
            infinite: true


To contribute to this project, fork the repository and create your feature/hotfix branch with whatever you want to add.

Install the project dependencies using npm i and start the development server via npm start. A webpack-dev-server will now listen on port 8080.

When you are finished developing, make sure to add a documented pull request.

Please note: Pull requests for new features that are not typed via flowtype as well as not following the general code style used in this project will be rejected.



If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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