Normalization settings for Savvy CSS


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Savvy CSS Normalize

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Normalization settings for Savvy CSS.

Read more about Savvy CSS's design principles.


yarn add --dev @savvy-css/normalize


What's Normalization?

This module is essentially Savvy CSS's take on CSS normalization. It's inspired heavily -- but with slightly deviating opinions -- by the excellent Normalize.css project.

Whereas a CSS reset focuses on "unstyling" things, normalization aims to patch minor bugs or tweak standard elements while still preserving the built-in browser settings outside of its scope.

Though somewhat dated, this introductory blog post to Normalize CSS goes into great details about its overall purpose.

It's also important to recognize what normalization isn't: a full set of style rules for HTML elements. For example, whereas normalization is concerned with ensuring that the <body> element always has margin set to 0, a separate typography module should be concerned with defining a font-family stack for the <body> element.

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