Log Express app requests to ElasticSearch.


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Log Express app requests to ElasticSearch.


Install using npm:

npm install @rentspree/express-elasticsearch-logger

API Reference


express-elasticsearch-logger.doc : Object

Document indexed with ElasticSearch. request and response properties are included if they are whitelisted by config.whitelist.

Kind: static constant of express-elasticsearch-logger

Name Type Description
env String defaults to "development"
[error] Error error object passed to next()
duration Number milliseconds between request and response
request Object requst object detail of express
request.httpVersion String
request.headers Object
request.method String
request.originalUrl String
request.route.path String
request.path String
request.query Object
response Object
response.statusCode Number
os Object
os.totalmem Number OS total memory in bytes
os.freemem Number OS free memory in bytes
os.loadavg Array.<Number> Array of 5, 10, and 15 min averages
process Object
process.memoryUsage Number process memory in bytes
@timestamp String ISO time of request

express-elasticsearch-logger.requestHandler(config, [client]) ⇒ elasticsearchLoggerMiddleware

Returns Express middleware configured according to given options.

Middleware must be mounted before all other middleware to ensure accurate capture of requests. The error handler must be mounted before other error handler middleware.

Kind: static method of express-elasticsearch-logger
Returns: elasticsearchLoggerMiddleware - express middleware

Param Type Default Description
config Object elasticsearch configuration
[config.host] String "http://localhost:9200" elasticsearch host to connect
[config.index] String "log_[YYYY]-h[1|2]" elasticsearch index (default: log_YYYY-h1 or log_YYYY-h2 as bi-annually)
config.whitelist Object
[config.whitelist.request] Array.<String> ["userId","body","email","httpVersion","headers","method","originalUrl","path","query"] request properties to log
[config.whitelist.response] Array.<String> ["statusCode", "sent", "took"] response properties to log
[config.censor] Array.<String> ["password"] list of request body properties to censor
[config.includeDefault] Boolean true include default whitelist and censor the the given config
[config.indexPrefix] String "log" elasticsearch index prefix for running index
[config.indexSuffixBy] String "halfYear" elasticsearch index suffix for running index, one of m M month (Monthly) q Q quarter (Quarterly) h H halfYear (Bi-annually)
[config.indexSettings] Object
index: {
number_of_shards: "3",
number_of_replicas: "2",
refresh_interval: "60s",
analysis: {
normalizer: {
lowercase: {
type: "custom",
char_filter: [],
filter: ["lowercase"],
settings in the mapping to be created
[client] elasticsearch.Client @elastic/elasticsearch client to be injected


const express = require('express');
const logger = require('express-elasticsearch-logger');

const app = express();

    host: 'http://localhost:9200'
  .get('/', function (req, res, next) {

express-elasticsearch-logger.errorHandler(err, req, res, next)

Error handler middleware exposes error to Response#end

This middleware is used in combination with requestHandler to capture request errors.

Kind: static method of express-elasticsearch-logger

Param Type
err Error
req express.Request
res express.Response
next express.Request.next

express-elasticsearch-logger.skipLog(req, res, next)

This middleware will mark for skip log use this middleware for endpoint that is called too often and did not need to log like healthcheck

Kind: static method of express-elasticsearch-logger

Param Type
req express.Request
res express.Response
next express.Request.next


Please submit all issues and pull requests to the alexmingoia/express-elasticsearch-logger repository!


Run tests using npm test.


If you have any problem or suggestion please open an issue here.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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