NodeJS Server SDK for Pusher Push Notifications


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Pusher Beams Node.js Server SDK

Full documentation for this SDK can be found here


The Beams Node.js server SDK is available on npm here.

You can install this SDK by using npm:

$ npm install @pusher/push-notifications-server --save

Or yarn if you prefer:

$ yarn add @pusher/push-notifications-server


Configuring the SDK for Your Instance

Use your instance id and secret (you can get these from the dashboard) to create a Beams PushNotifications instance:

const PushNotifications = require('@pusher/push-notifications-server');

let pushNotifications = new PushNotifications({
  instanceId: 'YOUR_INSTANCE_ID_HERE',

Publishing a Notification

Once you have created your Beams PushNotifications instance, you can immediately publish a push notification to your devices, using Device Interests:

pushNotifications.publishToInterests(['hello'], {
  apns: {
    aps: {
      alert: 'Hello!'
  fcm: {
    notification: {
      title: 'Hello',
      body: 'Hello, world!'
}).then((publishResponse) => {
  console.log('Just published:', publishResponse.publishId);
}).catch((error) => {
  console.log('Error:', error);

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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