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Purfect engine

Abstraction over webpack and babel configuration so you don't need to deal with it. It is literraly 0-configuration package, just install and start developing your app.

The problem

I found myself doing porting and improving of webpack and babel configurations between FE apps which is extremely error prone, tedious and time consuming. Not to mention it takes lots of time to upgrade versions and implement all the changes afterwards.

The solution

Abstract away webpack and babel configuration under single package. Manage all versions, configuration and setup in a single place and ship all updates via single package update.

How to start?

  1. npm install --save @purfect/engine or yarn add @purfect/engine
  2. In your project's package.json add these scripts
    "scripts": {
    "start": "purfect-engine start",
    "start:prod": "purfect-engine start:prod",
    "build": "purfect-engine build"
  3. If you don't have src directory with index.ejs and index.jsx entry files yet, run node_modules/.bin/purfect-engine init
  4. Run npm start or yarn start
  5. Open url on which the app is running
  6. Start developing


Command Feature
purfect-engine start Start development server locally
purfect-engine start:prod Start development server locally with production build
purfect-engine build Build deployable distribution

Development server

Purfect engine uses webpack-dev-server under the hood, it has hot reload enabled by default.

Loaders included by default

  • *.js and *.jsx are loaded with babel-loader - which can be extended via .babelrc in your root directory
  • *.pcss files are loaded using css-loader, style-loader and piped through preconfigured set of postcss-loader
  • *.css files are loaded using css-loader without css modules
  • Assets are loaded using file-loader


This module allows to alias all folders that are put under /src directory in a project directly, without forcing you to use relative paths. (I.e. import Button from 'components/Button' will import component from root/src/components/Button)

Production build

Generated production build includes minified and compressed version of both js and css bundles. It also adds hash to the filenames ensuring that the cache will be busted on the next release. Assets loaded with import statements will also benefit from cash-busting hashes.

Application structure

The only requirement of this package is to ensure that you use following structure:

- src
  - index.ejs
  - index.jsx
  1. You must have src directory which contains your source code and specifically two entry files
  2. index.ejs - main html template which is your application entry point. It is compiled to index.html during the build step
  3. index.jsx - your code entry point. This file is included in your index.html

If you are bootstraping new project you can use purfect-engine init command to add them automatically

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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