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This package contains the baseline rules for TypeScript projects at the Oregon State University Center for Applied Systems and Software. It extends the following other shareable configurations:


When starting a new project, all first you need to install the package and its dependencies:

# In your project directory
npm i -D typescript tslint tslint-language-service @osu-cass/tslint-config

# Make a TSLint config file in the same directory
echo '{ "extends": ["@osu-cass/tslint-config"] }' > tslint.json

If you'd rather instanciate the tslint.json yourself, here are the contents:

    "extends": ["@osu-cass/tslint-config"]

You should be good to go. Open an issue if you have any problems.

Updating this config

If you want to change any of the rules, either fork this repo and create a Pull Request, or (if you're a contributor) make a branch and a PR. Once your changes have been merged into master, it will be released automatically.

We enforce the use of Conventional Commits via Commitlint, so make sure you're using them as you contribute. Semantic Release relies on the types of these commits to correctly increment the release number.

You can check out the NPM page when it's released: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@osu-cass/tslint-config

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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