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OS.js v3 Sqlite Auth Provider

This is the Sqlite Auth Provider for OS.js v3


IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU USE https://github.com/os-js/osjs-database-auth INSTEAD


In your server bootstrap script (src/server/index.js) modify the provider registration:

const sqliteAuth = require('@osjs/sqlite-auth');

core.register(AuthServiceProvider, {
  args: {
    adapter: sqliteAuth.adapter,
    config: {
      // Custom Database path
      //database: '/data/osjs.sqlite',


To get CLI commands to manage users, you'll have to modify your CLI bootstrap script (src/cli/index.js):

const sqliteAuth = require('@osjs/sqlite-auth');

const sqliteCli = sqliteAuth.cli({
  // Custom Database path
  //database: '/data/osjs.sqlite',

module.exports = [sqliteCli];

You can no manage users with ex. npx osjs-cli <task>

Available tasks:

  • user:list - Lists users
  • user:add --username=STR - Adds user
  • user:pwd --username=STR - Changes user password
  • user:remove --username=STR - Removes user

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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