auth migrations, seeds, middleware, graphql schema and resolvers


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Passwordless email authentication and basic user type for graphql. Sessions based on cookies by express-session. Simple Role system.

Checkout the schema and schema-types.

used by:


# where to send auth mails from

# where to redirect after a successful/failed signin

# optional

# name of the mandrill template to use for signin emails
# see seeds/email_templates/
# If undefined a simple text email will be sent
# see lib/signin.js

# overwrite api/signin/mail/subject
AUTH_MAIL_SUBJECT=sign in link

# the url where src/auth.js will be reachable
# what to prefix the sign-in link with

# if truthy, @test.project-r.construction mail addresses get automatically
# signedin and no mail is sent (used for automated testing)


This package comes with it's own messages. You may want run yarn run translations to refresh it from the gsheet configured in package.json or change it manually in translations.js.


At the moment this module expects a _log() function to be present on express's request which can be used to sanitize the req before logging it in debug or error cases. If you use this module without backend-modules-base you can still use the function from there.

If you find any bugs or have a feature request, please open an issue on github!

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